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Tuesday Feb 28

Jennifer CarrollComment
"Ok, I need to tell you something before we go into the shopping centre ", remarked my sister in law as she gently placed her hand on my arm.  "you've heard of El Shabab?"
 Initially my mind thinks, a new restaurant? a famous person I should remember? 
Then she says, "You know the terrorist group in Somalia that are mad at Kenya for taking control of the land near the boarder?"
" Oh yeah! " I reply searching my mental files for the details I read months ago.
" Well,"she continues, "we now have new security measures at the shopping centre because of the problem."
 "Like what?" I reply.
"Before you can enter they have to sweep under your car for a bomb, check your handbag and if they think it is necessary wand you down."
"Wow...just to go to the grocery store?"
"Yep.  Some people are pretty freaked out about it."
"Yeah, I guess they are."
"But hey!  You have to buy groceries! ... It does mess with your mind sometimes though."

It seems so normal, because it is normal for here.  The shopping centre was packed.  The truth is you do have to buy groceries.

It's been another long day  because it began at 4:00am!  Maybe tonight I'll sleep a few minutes longer.

I took a very lovely walk around our compound this evening.  The cool breeze felt great and I savored every step.  My precious friends and neighbors invited me in to share the evening meal.  Walking up their driveway my heart was flooded with gratitude for the blessing and joy of their friendship for many years.  They are the kind of people with whom you feel safe and accepted.  They are treasures.  I had a difficult time keeping my emotions in check as we shared the meal.  I felt my heart was exploding with joy and thankfulness for their influence in my life and an opportunity to laugh and chat with them again.