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Monday Afternoon 27 Feb.2012

Jennifer CarrollComment
Jet lag is for real.  I left on Saturday evening EST and now I am experiencing late afternoon on Monday.  My mind and body have no idea what time it is or what I want it to do.  I am desperately tired but can't sleep.  Maybe when darkness comes my body will give in.
As tired as I feel physically it really can't compare to all the wonderful feelings I have as I sit here in our home in Nairobi.  For those of you who have visited us here you may remember the large blue comfortable chair with the matching poof (ottoman) that has had it's important place in out living room for a very long time.  Sitting here comforted by the arms of a million wonderful memories where this chair played a supporting role if pure pleasure.

My trip out was uneventful which is a great thing.  The only unusual event was just as we were at that moment before landing in Nairobi where you feel as if you are floating before the back wheels touch the ground, we had a very sudden acceleration and took off again dramatically back up into the sky.  After a few minutes of climbing and then the plane easing out the pilot came on to announce, "Sorry for that change in plan, there was another aircraft on the runway".

My dear friends Jim and Bev surprised me by meeting me at the airport.  Jim is a pilot with AIM-AIM so he was able to actually meet me as I got off the plane.  It meant so much!  I also had a Kenyan friend who is a taxi driver meet me. He drove me across Nairobi to my sister in laws house where I spent the night.

Coffee on their veranda this morning was beautiful.  The rains have just begun and already the grass is green and the flowers are vibrant colors.  There is a tree whose name I can't remember right this minute, but it produces the most wonderful bright yellow flowers when it blooms.  I have arrived just in time for it's show of glory!

My sister in law Mel, most graciously took me to secure Internet access on our modem account which had expired.  Honestly, I was so glad she was standing there with me or I would have been totally lost in the process.  We then made a quick stop at the green grocer where I just wanted to pull up a chair and spend some time enjoying the beauty of all the variety of fresh fruit and veges.  I did get the avocadoes that are the size of a softball and cost less than a quarter each.  I think they will be my main food and I will supplement with mangoes and papaya.

She then drove my car home to our house.  I have unpacked my clothes which took about ten minutes, made myself a piece of toast, lite candles, made the bed and am now sharing my journey with you.

The greatest reality for me is that this is such a gift of God and a miracle of grace.  Seven months ago I wept as I faced the possibility that I might never be well enough to travel back to Nairobi.  I know I didn't earn this is just the mighty love of God.  I am so grateful.  I am also so excited to see what he has planned for the days ahead.