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Wednesday, 29 Feb.

Jennifer Carroll1 Comment
Today has been a slow day. The reason it has been slow is that my body would not change into any other gear!

I have laughed out loud ( alone here in my house) when I come down the stairs and see pelvis models covering the dining room table, knitted uterus piled on a chair, a large bag of placenta models sitting by the front door.  Trunks of workbooks and other teaching supplies are blocking the hallway.  Maybe it is good that I have a few days on my own!

We are still receiving requests from people to join Giving Birth Lamaze Africa Training Seminar so we have a waiting list.  amazing!

The Continuing Medical Education Event "An Introduction to Lamaze" scheduled for 7 March in Nakuru has exploded with participants!  We had estimated 45-50 participants and we now have 85 registered! 

Verda and Mary will be joining me very soon to help facilitate the Breastfeeding Support Program Peer Counselor Training  in Nakuru.  I have also asked them to help with table discussions during the CME event. It is going to be a busy time for them!

 Andrea, my co- worker is busy pulling final details together for all the events.   She will be facilitating during the BFSP.  She is an amazing lady , midwife and missionary who has had lots of experience in public health programs in East Africa.  I am so grateful for her willingness to be part of the team.

My AIM boss (unit leader) Sandy, came by today and brought lunch.  I am so grateful for her support and encouragement.  It was great to pray together and trust even small details to God's care.  God IS in the details!

One more thing before I close for tonight....both Sandy and Andrea brought me a bouquet of roses today.   One is bright yellow and the other salmon pink.  They are so beautiful.  We enjoy them regularly here because they are inexpensive.   I realized today you would never know that they are inexpensive by looking at them.  They are as beautiful as any expense rose  you have ever seen!  Isn't it wonderful that in God's view we are all beautiful  and  priceless roses?
 Every woman we serve is a rose.