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A word from Nakuru Kenya

Jennifer CarrollComment
Dorothy is one of  our Lamaze Associates in Nakuru, Kenya who recently responded to a physician in Nigeria who is struggling with the high maternal and newborn mortality rates among the mothers there.

Here is what she shared...

Dorothy K. N said
Thanks to you all who pioneered this noble calling and those who have supported the activities.GOD BLESS.YOU ALL. I am a beneficially of your initiative and I assure you in Nakuru, Kenya, we are spreading the Education like wild fire since 5 of us were trained in 2010. and formed a community group known as NAKURU CHILD BIRTH SUPPORT WOMEN GROUP,with the goal of empowering pregnant women and their families through providing adequate knowledge about pregnancy, delivery and post natal care of mother and her newborn. We also aim at reducing the attitude gap that exists between the pregnant women and the health workers due to inadequate communication. we have established two training sites among the poor urban communities who are not able to pay.We have salvaged families at the verge of disintegrating due to ignorance. Our trainees time in the delivery units has dramatically reduced as they get to the health facility while in true and established labour.The reports we are receiving are encouraging as they are very cooperative throughout and teach other labouring mothers on what to do and the benefits of doing so. Home deliveries are decreasing within our catchment areas. The demand for our services is high, but challenges are many, particularly finances.Thanks to Jennifer and team who supported us in March 2012 for awareness creation among the health workers and breastfeeding mothers who had completed Lamaze training and had babies.NO MATERNAL NO NEONATAL DEATHS due to ignorance among the moms who completed training. HALLELUIAH. Chairperson,
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Dorothy and Jen March 2012, Breastfeeding Support Program Kenya - Nakuru Training