Jennifer CarrollComment


Jennifer CarrollComment
The sun is beginning its descent in the Saturday afternoon sky over Nairobi.  A few rain clouds are forming bringing a cool breeze and the hope of an overnight shower to settle the dust.
My three weeks in Nairobi are coming to a close.  I have one bag packed and another bag still waiting for those last minute small things that friends here want me to carry to the US to post to their loved ones.  Preparing to travel is so familiar and comfortable for me.  I have such precious memories of trips to the US when our girls were little.  It was so exciting to go to America to see family, friends and  enjoy all the US has to offer!  I am still grateful for my citizenship and once again I am excited to go to America and see family and friends and enjoy all it offers!

This week I have concentrated on the distribution of Nacham Bereavement Blankets and Baby Bonnets for preterm babies.  Let me introduce you to amazing people who will be distributing these donated items.

Meet Dr. Atul Patel, Head of Pediatrics at Nairobi Hospital.

Jane Wanyama, Director of Maternal Newborn Nursing at Aga Khan University Hospital Nairobi.

Dr. Sidney Nesbitt, Consultant Paediatrician, Gertrude's Children Hospital, Nairobi

Dr. Mary Adams, Consultant Paediatrician, Project Director Newborn Community Health Kijabe Kenya

Lydia Klingforth, Childbirth Educator, Breastfeeding Support Program Kenya Peer Counselor/Facilitator, Nakuru Kenya.

Nyawera Kibuka, Business Professional, Mother, Nairobi.

I know at least 4 Nacham Bereavement Blankets have been distributed to bereaved parents this week!  This reality grieves me yet assures me that this is God's time to move forward in this ministry.

Join me in this adventure!  Pray, knit hats, make blankets, give, tell others, encourage me and share your wisdom, believe, hope, and some of you may be called to come out with me and help! 
God is bringing together an amazing group to take the work forward!

My heart is so grateful, humbled, and blessed.  Recognizing God is accomplishing what only He can do is changing my soul.