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Getting ready

Jennifer CarrollComment
I can hardly believe I leave for Nairobi a week from tomorrow!  Last night I dreamed about my trip and woke up ready to get my bags packed!

It still amazes me the way God provides.  I  have just received more knitted hats for preterm newborns from ladies in Tennessee, North Carolina and Florida!  This will allow me to spread the blessing to other hospitals in Kenya.  God's compassion and love is like a mighty river!  Thank you ladies!!!
I also spent the afternoon packaging Nacham Bereavement Blankets for parents experiencing the loss of a baby.  As I labeled and inserted a card in each handmade blanket my heart was so blessed by the love behind this ministry.

Years ago I felt God gave me a vision of an "army of women" making a difference in the lives of women in Kenya.  Today I realized He is doing that very thing!  I am so humbled by His greatness and love!
The Breastfeeding Support Program Kenya Peer Counselor Training and The Breastfeeding Your Baby Lactation Education Course workbooks are printed and ready to go!  Participants are registered and supplies are packed.  Without the donations of supplies and financial support this would not be possible!  You all are making this happen!
Thank YOU!