August 2012

There is certain crispness to the air this morning in the mountains of Virginia!  Having been raised in Florida and  lived in Kenya most of my adult life, cool mornings in August is a new experience!

The blog has been quiet but the work has been continuing during the past several months!

As many of you remember I was unable to access my blog while I was in Kenya, February through May 2012 so I posted on my Facebook page Giving Birth -Lamaze Africa.

The time of training and serving in Kenya was wonderful!  It was filled with unexpected blessing and pleasures!  I was also encouraged by obvious answers to prayer.

Here are some highlights:

There was a tremendous turnout in Nakuru, Kenya for the Introduction to Lamaze Symposium.  The Nakuru Childbirth Support Women’s Group did a fabulous job coordinating the event.  We had over 80 participants from various hospitals and the Kenya Ministry of Health.  This powerful group of participants is capable of producing a positive impact in the community by improving health services for women and children.

The Breastfeeding Support Program Kenya -Peer Counselor Training followed  the Lamaze Symposium.

Sixteen peer counselors were trained to provide support for breastfeeding mothers.  Verda, Mary and Andy joined the facilitation team to lead the training event.  Our participants varied, including young mothers from the slum area of Nakuru and a university professor.  It was humbling to watch these diverse women work together so that other women can be offered the support they so desperately need.

Giving Birth Lamaze Africa, Nairobi 2012 trained 26 new childbirth educators.  A gifted group of women gathered for a week of intense training led by The Duke University AHEC Lamaze Childbirth Educator Training Program.  Tara, Tanya, Hilary, Carol, and myself along with support from Andy and Rena, worked  to guide the week of growth and learning.  Our first Nigerian participant joined us and was welcomed by all!

I had the unexpected opportunity to attend the launch of the Kenya Ministry of Health and US Embassy's Let's Live Campaign.  Andy and I were welcomed by the US Ambassador,  Scott Gration and his wife Judy, who also share a passion to see the improvement of health care services for women in Kenya.  I learned a woman dies every hour in childbirth and a baby dies every twenty minutes in Kenya.  Many of these lives could be saved through health education and medical support.  I was humbled that the US Ambassador would encourage us in the work we are doing!

A surprise blessing came when I was called to support parents as a doula who were to be the first parents to use the birthing pool in Aga Khan University Hospital Nairobi new maternity unit.  It was a beautiful experience with happy parents, physician, midwives and a precious baby boy!

There are so many other experiences I could recount but I will take a breath and stop.  I think the most precious blessing for me is to see God at work in the details of life.  I am convinced He loves us so much more than we realize and really is constantly at work.  The circumstances of life often cause a dust storm that obstructs my view, but if I can trust He is there I can wait securely until the dust settles.


September 17-21 2012
Breastfeeding Support Program Kenya Peer Counselor Training Nairobi.
Contact for details.

September 22, 2012
 Breastfeeding Your Baby Lactation Education Course Training Nairobi
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