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Ready- Set-GO!!!

Jennifer CarrollComment

It has been an exciting week in Nairobi!  Workbooks are printed, registrations confirmed, teaching aids assembled and we are ready to begin our training of Childbirth Educators, Breastfeeding Peer Counselors and Breastfeeding Educators!

We also have had fabulous time Tuesday and Thursday meeting with volunteers in Kibera who want to be trained as Breastfeeding Peer Counselors.  Listening to the challenges they face was sobering.  One of the issues that came up in our discussion was the affect of maternal malnutrition on breastfeeding.  We worked together exploring ways we could help these mothers as we offered Breastfeeding Peer Support.  There were excellent suggestions, one of which was organizing women in the community to check on these mothers in their homes so they can better understand each situation and what is needed.  We discussed how ten mothers giving one shilling each (a little more than a penny each)  could provide one meal….yet one meal might be all the new mother would have for the day.  The answers do not come easy, but the first step is to embrace the challenge.

We have also had the opportunity to distribute Nacham blankets and Bonnets and Booties.  While meeting with administration at one of the private hospitals we were informed that as we spoke a bereaved mother was near birth so the Nachma blanket would be given to her immediately.

The Maternal Newborn Nursing Director could not believe we had brought bonnets and booties for preterm babies!  Her exact words were “How did you know we needed these?”  I replied, “I didn’t, but God did!”

We have also had opportunity to share with people why our project is named the Elizabeth Project.  That has been lots of fun!  Explaining the story of Elizabeth the post-menopausal women who was pregnant and Mary the unmarried pregnant teen who was pregnant catches peoples’ attention.  I can’t understand how people can find the stories in the Bible boring!

In short the words of Elizabeth, ‘NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD’, has been reality in our lives this week!

We also wanted you to meet precious little preterm twin girls. We have worked with them and their parents all week . Wednesday we had the joy of seeing the larger twin begin breastfeeding.  Their mother was so happy and relieved!  What an honor to work with this family

Your giving, prayers, work and interest make this all possible.  An African proverb says “Many sticks in a bundle are not easily broken”.

Thank you all!  More news to come!!!