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Update February 2012

Jennifer CarrollComment
I can't believe in one week I will return to Kenya!  In June 2011 my world was rocked by an unexpected serious medical event.  Plans suddenly had to be changed and I felt as though the world as I knew and experienced it was gone.  Six months of doctors testing, rehabilitation, work and lots of prayer have yielded much improvement.  I am still not where I was before June 21st 2011, but I have come a long way!

Next Saturday I return to Kenya!

March 7-9,2012 The Breastfeeding Support Program will host a training event in Nakuru Kenya.  The seminar is fully booked and everything is ready to go!  Two volunteers for Chesapeake Virginia will be joining me and as training facilitators.  Verda and Mary will bring knowledge and insight to our training event as will my friend and colleague Andrea.

March 19-23, 2012 Giving Birth Lamaze Africa with offer a fully booked training seminar in Nairobi.  This program is offered under The Duke AHEC Lamaze Childbirth Educator Program.  I will join Tara, Tonya, Hilary and Carol as a facilitator.  It will be a wonderful week of learning and equipping!

Plans for Nacham Bereavement Training are being made for November 2012 as are plans for the Advanced Breastfeeding Support Skills Workshop.

One of the greatest lessons I have learned during this time of healing is that it is safe to let go.  At the heart of everything is a desire to see God bless, for His will to be done in His way.  He is trustworthy and holds all things together.