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Spinning Babies Workshop

Spinning Babies is an advanced training workshop for midwives, nurses, trained childbirth educators and trained doulas.

Pain in labor, long and/or posterior labors, and stalls in labor take on fresh solutions as we explore baby’s position, the space created  by the internal pulls, twists, or balances within the connective tissue, and lengthening pelvic muscles with static-stretch and myofascial techniques. Bringing birth back to ease becomes an expected part of labor care within the new paradigm of birth that is Spinning Babies.

Tammy Ryan will be teaching this informative 2 day workshop.

Venue:  Little Daughters of St. Joseph, Ngong Road, Karen, Nairobi

Cost: Payment before May 15, 2018  $215 or 21,500/KSH

After May 15, 2018 payment $230 or 23,000/ksh

Payment plans are available. Call 254-722-981-198
MPESA 254 722 981 198

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